ECommerce rules consumer screens

“E-commerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake”

With that said e- commerce is definitely growing and has become so routine that consumers seem to be able to purchase anything and everything via the internet. In fact, it is estimated that, by 2020, global ecommerce sales will reach $4.058 trillion. Typically e- commerce is not a store or site with product pages. It has too many things assisted with which together brings the development. There are too many factors to the growth of this change but one of it evident.

Convenience – Growth factor of E-commerce  

The list of reasons on why consumer tends to shop online is always being topped by the game of convenience. Convenience commerce is so high in trend. Every E- commerce player now primarily works to capitalise the grievance of consumers. Sites like Amazon have also brought in Prime and dash button which provides consumers priority over the rest and allows them to reorder specific households on the press of a button. 

E- Commerce websites pop around us all the time. Now that we know convenience is the key to success, here is a look of most popular players in the field:

Amazon: Started as an online book store, now accompanied with Alexa and various other developments Amazon is now one of the largest internet based retailer. It has many fascinating features like third party selling, content search and much more that makes it even more consumer reliable.

Flipkart: With several product categories, Flipkart is another leading e-commerce industry in India. It has categories such as consumer electronics, fashion and end to end lifestyle products.

MakeMyTrip: Known for its strong online presence Make my trip is a Indian travel company. It provides the entire pack of travel services from booking flights, holiday packages, hotel booking, tourist locations etc.      


PayTm is growing to be the second largest e- commerce platform. Initially it began as a mobile wallet and now is growing due to the outstanding cashback feature it offers to its users.


Catering to the buyers need in wider terms Snapdeal is a successful e- commerce platform. The main aim of this site is to help consumers grab discounted deals through coupons for various categories like restaurants, salons, apparels, footwear, baby care, home and décor.

Thus, E- commerce industries are bound to flourish. With growing technology, entrants can have a competitive edge. Making the purchase process easier and being highly capable to acquire the consumers mobile screens E-commerce seems to be very futuristic.  

Childrens Dental health

February marks the beginning of National children’s dental health month. This month in association with American dental association is asking people to promote the benefits of good oral health in children. T e aim of this initiative is to work with children and reinforce in them the message that oral care is about overall care.

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach”

Developing a mindset in kids about taking good care of teeth and regular dental visit is a kick-start to gifting your child lifetime of healthy smile. Let dental care be the most important and interesting part of their daily routine. Many dental professionals are taking effort to create awareness on oral hygiene and inculcating dental habits in children.

Did you know tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in kids, second only to the common cold. In fact, about 80% of kids have tooth decay before they reach high school. Let’s take a step to defeat the monster in our mouth.

To begin with

Here are a few things you could do to help promote better oral health for children:

  • Brush your teeth with your children to set a good example
  • Supervise your child’s brushing on a daily basis.
  • Educate them of the impact of different foods on teeth
  • Ensure that your child loves to visit the dentist
  • Recall them of the Brush rule – Two minutes Two times a day
  • Encourage them to drink more water to prevent tooth decay. 

Customer Experience

Still living in the seller’s market? Well, then you are barely living, because it is a buyer’s market already. Today’s market has increasing competitive arenas which cannot be overlooked. In such a scenario customers and their expectations carry the highest value. A customer whether satisfied or unsatisfied is ought to create a similar influence on the personal networks and peers. Overtaking price and product customer experience is the new differentiation for prospects.  

Human Connection

Connecting with your prospects is turning to be a strategic pivot. This is enforcing businessmen to reorient all their operations for and to the customers. Companies are struggling to build the human connect that matters. Take any industry for that case – Retail, Banking, B2B, IT, Automotives – everywhere the core operational capabilities are mastered by how customers perceive the service line and the overall human oriented experience. 

Strategies to Growth

To be able to differentiate and stand ahead of the competition positioning is crucial. Here is an abundance of excellent guidance and reliable information as to how you can put customer experience strategies to work.

  • Self- Service

By self service, one does not mean to say put your customers to work. But for the fact that, the customers, especially the millennial generation, do not seek to interact with sales rep for fulfilling their needs and wants. Moreover, the comfort zone plays an important role. This is not just for simple non durables but also for B2B and other complicated products.

The purchasing power of consumer is increasing and therefore it is advisable to give them the power of buying so that they make apt buying decision and have a enhanced experience on the whole.

  • The mobile world

Mobiles have overtaken pretty much everything from desktops to personal visits. The little device now is evidently the most effective channel for communication and information. Consumers tend to spend most of their time on mobiles and this makes it clear for companies to optimise their marketing techniques accordingly. All must adopt the mobile first mentality to hang in and around the customers all the time.   

  • Make use of the explosive growth of digital marketing

 With digital age in peak it is imperative to have a social connect. Social engagement is rapidly being the necessity as customers tend to follow the brand on channels for up to date information. Create connections on social media for constant engagement. Advertise well and do regular posting on social media to interest the followers. Digital channels are also effective to ensure brand recall by the viewer.

With so much just at the fingertips of consumers, organisations need to focus on creating an experience that brings back the customer. The highly informative consumer demands for value all the time. They would research on mobiles, contact their peers, and if needed analyse with multiple competitors on social media. Therefore to be on the right path and to clinch your target audience ensure to deliver a story they feel worth sharing.

Designs Visuality and Animation

The power of designs has seen a magnificent growth in recent times. Web Design Company are bound to transform almost anything and everything through their artwork. The ways a company can bring in innovation is changing with design being the foremost outlook. Every business scenario has a clear cut all round benefit with design. With design and visuality implementation being on peak one would wonder on how to make a website?

Creating a digital space without web design services is like having a conversation with a wall. Web designs are above and beyond words. They ensure to deliver an experience to the consumer with the visual factor. It gets inside the head of the prospects and helps companies create a brand image which gets easier to recall for future and long term purposes.

 To shed more light on the importance of design, here are a few pointers:

Look and learn

Designers have to usually observe and record the current trends and play smart with their perceptions. Also it is necessary that market expectations are well met. The preconceived ideas are the base to change and growth. The consumers do not tend to read all the content available. Therefore one just looks and learns about the company.

Navigation and Usability

The main aim for any web design company is to ease the task of going through the site. Consumers do not wish to spend hours on reviewing a site. Consumer behaviour is highly imperative. According to a study consumer takes less than 3 minutes to judge the suitability of the site for his purpose. Hence, the focus is to design a site such a way that it turns out to be user friendly.

Optimisation and ranking

Just stuffing in keywords never works. The apt way to make a website is to have a proper collaboration between the design and content. Every company wishes for higher search engine placement and ranking, which means gaining more visibility to the site. For this purpose it is important to bring in high end web design that works both for search engines and for prospects.

Are you looking for help with web design?  Quality web design is one of the foremost needs for any company – small or large. Online presence helps us capture the market quickly. Traditional media is now for the bygone. Social media has proven to pass information at a faster pace. Moreover with digitalisation almost everywhere one can never say no to web design services.