Social Media Image Optimial Size in Pixels 2019

Facebook Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Cover Page 400×1501200×675See Template
Group CoverNot Specified 1640×1859See Template
Event Cover Not Specified 1200×675See Template
Profile Picture 170×170340×340crops square and round
Link Image 600×3141200×628(1.91.1 ration)
Photo post widths for quality 720, 960, 2048Nil(up to 2:3 ratio) 
Photo view maxNilNil2048×2048
Twitter Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Header 400×1501500×500See Template
Profile Photo400×400400×400Crop round
Tweeted Image600×3351200×675any height when clicked
Profile Picture 170×170340×340crop square and around
Twitter Card(link)600×3141200×628(1.91.1 ration)
Pinterest Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Photo110×110180×180crops round
Pins (recommended )600×600600×900600×1260
Board Cover340×340600×600(1:1 ratio)
Instagram Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Photo110×110180×180crops round
Story ImageNil1080×1920(9:16 ratio)
Photo Post 1080×5661080×10801080×1350
LinkedIn Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Banner Nil1584×396(4:1 Ratio)
Profile Avatar Nil400×40020,000 any side
Update/blog post600×3141200×628(1.91:1)
Company Cover 1192×2201536×7682Mb
Company Logo300×300300×3004Mb
YouTube Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Channel Art1546×4232560×1440See template
Video thumbnail640×3601280×720Nil
Channel IconNil800×800Nil

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