Plastic The battle of the ban

With high flexibility, higher durability and affordable cost all of us have grown relying on plastic as a part of our day to day life. For most of us it is like a nightmare to let go one of the best modern day convenience. Now that it has become a threat there has to be efforts to fully integrate the major step. Take any ban or development for that matter the success is always dependent on two major factors: the government and the people. A ban could always turn to a passionate change if the environment as a whole moves with it. Only the citizen has it whether to take this with enthusiasm or let go the same as a feckless citizen.   

Debating over the use and how it would affect the business of 1000’s is not going to give plastics the power to not be harmful. Although, plastic was initially invented as a solution to be long lasting and environment friendly, no one in the hurry realised that it would last so long that it would do no good to the society and future generations. The disastrous waste that plastic brought with itself has put is in a state where we are left with nothing but to stop it completely.

Increase the usage of other alternatives

 They say – Be the change you want to see in the world for which we need to be globally powerful and one to defeat the plastic battle. It is agreed that other options fall under not so great alternatives as the role plastic played in our convenience is exceptional and unrivalled. But what if someday your close one is sick and the physician asks to stop consuming certain food items, won’t you put in your heart and soul and insist them the same? Well, the environment is sick and tired of plastic.

Finding alternatives is not as cumbersome as we think it to be and we already have a list of alternatives that pop up in newsletters and social media channels every day. It’s time to just stop being concerned and switch to doing something practical about the same.

Let us take a step to worship nature and let our initiative to beat pollution gain strength and inspire the world to do the same.

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