Marketing Techniques upcoming years

Voice search is more real than ever

20% of online searches make up of voice search and this number is expected to reach 50% of hike sooner. This latest trend has made the searches easier.

Near me SEO strategy

Since most of the mobile searches are performed for local businesses and the services. It is important that your site is listed properly for the local search engine Optimization

Featured snippet & Rich answers

Snippets may be many but rich snippet is what matter nowadays. Now you can see the most relevant information to your research on the top of result with this exclusive feature

User-Experience Optimization

The strong user-experience optimization is now assisting in bringing the scores of new users to very landing page.

Mobie first index

Since number of mobile users has increased marketing throught the mobile friendly channels has belcome important.

SMO tactics to increase online sales

Post compelling content frequently and unique
Word-of-mouth with social reviews
Micro content for social feeds
Twitter chat with your audience
Run a Pinterest treasure hunt
Make it easy to share your products
Be active on the right #hashtags Right Keywords
Align your posts with a trending topic
Invest in an infographic
Pin your best posts to the top of your profile
Create a complementary Pinterest board
Participate in or own a Facebook group
Test out retargeted ads
Run an influencer campaign

Hashtags Marketing Strategies Proven to Engage Audience

Hastag can be quite beneficial to your marketing plan on social networks.

Advantages of Hashtags:

1) Track performance and engagement.
2) Reach out to your users.
3) Hashtags make online searches easier.
4) Hashtags can also be used as a tool in viral marketing. Many businesses have gained thousands of followers overnight by using viral marketing.
5) Hashtags are the great way to extend your content reach and they increase the brand awareness.