Coconut Water Drink

1. Reduces risk of kidney stones
2. B complex vitamins
3. Vitamin C
4. Reduces food cravings
5. Diuretic
6. Cools the body
7. Full of enzymes to aid in digestion
8. Kills intestinal worms
9. Soothes urinary tract infections
10. Urinary antiseptic
11. Contains calcium, Potassium, manganese and magnesium
12. Fat free
13. Low calorie
14. Cholesterol free
15. Full of electroytes
16. Hydrating
17. Alkalizing
18. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal
19. Boosts metabolism
20. Aids in weight loss
21. Hydrated in summer

Benifits of Drinking Water

1. Drinking Water helps you lose wight
2. Water helps you to remain energetic
3. Helps fight against flu, Kidney stones and heart attack
4. Helps to relieve headache and back pains due to dehydration
5. Water helps to keep a healthy glowing & clean skin
6. Helps to digest food properly & Cure stomach problems
7. It reduces the risk of heart attack, colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancers
8. Balances your Blood Sugar
9. Improves Blood Circulation

Health Benefits of Guava

1. Helpful in treating diabetes.
2. Improves eyesights
3. Slow down the appearance of cataract
4. Keeps your mouth healthy
5. Great fruit to maintain thyroid health
6. Improves your immunity
7. Increase blood flow
8. Helps your skin glow
9. Helps in preventing breast, Oral and Prostate Cancers
10. Guava juice can cure oral ulcers, toothaches, and Swollen gums

Benefits of Oranges

1. Full of vitamins and Minerals
2. Good source of fiber
3. Good for teeth and Bones
4. Great for kidneys
5. Regulates blood pressure
6. Fights viral infections
7. Good for digestive health
8. Good for skin related issues
9. Pravent night blindness
10. Lowers cholesterol
11. Improves the appearance of skin and hair
12. Protects the health of the cardiovascular system
13. Prevents flu and colds