Health Benefits of Papaya

1. Helps to prevent Heart Disease
2. Aids in digestion
3. Kills intestinal worms
4. Helps treat sunburn & irritated skin
5. Improves heart health
6. Helps regularize menstrual cycle
7. Relieves constipation
8. Helps in weight loss
9. Gives relief from toothaches
10. Fight Cancer
11. Used to treat macular degeneration
12. Reducec acne & marks caused by burns
13. Boosts immune systems
14. Expels Worms
15. Great for Eyesight
16. Anti-Inflammatory
17. Assists Diabetes
18. Maintains Nerves and muscles
19. Cures Ulcers & Sores
20. Relief from Gastrointestinal discomfort
21. Natural Contraception for men
22. High in Proteolytic enzymes
23. Liver Detoxification
24. Fights against Viral Infection
25. Potential Benefits for Dengue

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