Social Media Image Optimial Size in Pixels 2019

Facebook Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Cover Page 400×1501200×675See Template
Group CoverNot Specified 1640×1859See Template
Event Cover Not Specified 1200×675See Template
Profile Picture 170×170340×340crops square and round
Link Image 600×3141200×628(1.91.1 ration)
Photo post widths for quality 720, 960, 2048Nil(up to 2:3 ratio) 
Photo view maxNilNil2048×2048
Twitter Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Header 400×1501500×500See Template
Profile Photo400×400400×400Crop round
Tweeted Image600×3351200×675any height when clicked
Profile Picture 170×170340×340crop square and around
Twitter Card(link)600×3141200×628(1.91.1 ration)
Pinterest Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Photo110×110180×180crops round
Pins (recommended )600×600600×900600×1260
Board Cover340×340600×600(1:1 ratio)
Instagram Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Photo110×110180×180crops round
Story ImageNil1080×1920(9:16 ratio)
Photo Post 1080×5661080×10801080×1350
LinkedIn Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Banner Nil1584×396(4:1 Ratio)
Profile Avatar Nil400×40020,000 any side
Update/blog post600×3141200×628(1.91:1)
Company Cover 1192×2201536×7682Mb
Company Logo300×300300×3004Mb
YouTube Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Channel Art1546×4232560×1440See template
Video thumbnail640×3601280×720Nil
Channel IconNil800×800Nil

SEO Trends in 2019

  • Voice Search is More Real Than Ever

20% of online searches make up of voice search and this number is expacted to reach 50% of hike sooner. This latest trend has made the searches easier.

  • Near Me SEO Strategy

Since most of the mobile searches are perfomed for local businesses and the services, it is important thats your site is listed properly for the local search engine optimization.

  • Featured Snippet & Rich Answers

Snippets may be many but rich snippet is what matter nowadays. Now you can see the most relevant information to your research on the top of result with this exclusive Feature.

  • User-Experience Optimization

The Strong user-experience optimization is now assisting in bringing the scores of new users to very landing page.

  • Mobile First Index

Since number of mobile users increased, Marketing throught the mobile friendly channels has become important.

Facebook latest algorithm changes

Facebook has announced to change the algorithm of how relevancy is counted for ads. Now the system will give us ad relevance diagnostics across these three dimensions:

1) Quality Ranking: Your Ads perceived quality Vs ads competing for the same target audience
2) Engagement Rate Ranking: Your ads expected engagement vs ads competing for the same target audience
3) Conversion rate ranking: Your ads expected conversion rate vs ads competing for the same audience group and same optimization goal.

The continual growth in technologies and the impact on future

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

The process of technological integration links pretty much everything in this globe from infrastructure, manpower, day to day chores, computing accounts to what not. Whether it is about organised manufacturing, better efficiency or streamlining business functions through a combination of innovation and applied science together with research and development one could move mountains.    

The new technologies and approaches that come along help us merge the physical, digital and biological world, assures to transform humankind and the style and standard of living. The changing technological paradigm serves us well and will continue to help us grow. There are many areas and examples where technological transformation and integration has taken place in the recent times. Here is a gist of the same.

Internet of things

Lately we have all come across new technical terminologies one of which is Internet of things. The birth of internet of things took place due to the convergence of multiple technologies, machine learning, other systems and sensors. It refers to all those applications and devices that are accessible via the internet.


The physical real world and the virtual world have intertwined so well that one cannot easily know whether this is computer generated or a real life thing. The sounds, videos, the graphics and now even the smell, the technology has helped us experience it all. All the industries from architecture, entertainment and healthcare have brought in Augmented reality and virtual reality where they create new realities through sense, sound and visionand provide great entertainment.    

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent machines and computer programs help accomplish various tasks. Through artificial intelligence one develops intelligent softwares and systems based on human brain thinking. It is nothing but implementing human intelligence in machine i.e. machines would understand, behave, think and learn like humans. 

Apart from the above there are also various other areas that transcend technology like Smart cities, Robotics, Advanced imaging science, Machine learning and much more.

From the above what is clear is that we have now entered an era where life and its activities are connected to technology from end to end, be it buying a daily need or connecting to someone miles away, technology has brought a blend to all, bringing in a new renaissance. But we will always have challenges on how to put to work the same. No matter how well worth and promising the technological solutions are there would be some hindrances. Evidently, everything is transforming with science and technology and it would continue to pave our future.