Hashtags Marketing Strategies Proven to Engage Audience

Hastag can be quite beneficial to your marketing plan on social networks.

Advantages of Hashtags:

1) Track performance and engagement.
2) Reach out to your users.
3) Hashtags make online searches easier.
4) Hashtags can also be used as a tool in viral marketing. Many businesses have gained thousands of followers overnight by using viral marketing.
5) Hashtags are the great way to extend your content reach and they increase the brand awareness.

Reasons Why your Search Ranking Drops

Lost Links – To prevent lost links affecting your ranking in the future, you must track actively lost links and take corrective measures.

Algorithm Changes – To avoid being crippled by Google’s updates, use an effective strategy that includes social media and other marketing channels.

Competitors are doing a better job – Keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing and monitoring their social media activity, link building strategies, and content marketing.

Recent Website Changes & Redesign – With careful planning of your redesign project, you will avoid the ranking drop.

Duplicated Content – When content is obviously deliberately duplicated to manipulate rankings, your site will get penalized.

Social Media Image Optimial Size in Pixels 2019

Facebook Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Cover Page 400×1501200×675See Template
Group CoverNot Specified 1640×1859See Template
Event Cover Not Specified 1200×675See Template
Profile Picture 170×170340×340crops square and round
Link Image 600×3141200×628(1.91.1 ration)
Photo post widths for quality 720, 960, 2048Nil(up to 2:3 ratio) 
Photo view maxNilNil2048×2048
Twitter Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Header 400×1501500×500See Template
Profile Photo400×400400×400Crop round
Tweeted Image600×3351200×675any height when clicked
Profile Picture 170×170340×340crop square and around
Twitter Card(link)600×3141200×628(1.91.1 ration)
Pinterest Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Photo110×110180×180crops round
Pins (recommended )600×600600×900600×1260
Board Cover340×340600×600(1:1 ratio)
Instagram Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Photo110×110180×180crops round
Story ImageNil1080×1920(9:16 ratio)
Photo Post 1080×5661080×10801080×1350
LinkedIn Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Profile Banner Nil1584×396(4:1 Ratio)
Profile Avatar Nil400×40020,000 any side
Update/blog post600×3141200×628(1.91:1)
Company Cover 1192×2201536×7682Mb
Company Logo300×300300×3004Mb
YouTube Image Sizes
Details Minimum Optimal Maximum
Channel Art1546×4232560×1440See template
Video thumbnail640×3601280×720Nil
Channel IconNil800×800Nil