SEO can make a difference

Want your website to always top the search page in Google? Before you begin you must have an idea of how the insider stuff works. Optimisation doesn’t mean just revamping a single page; optimisation is for the site as a whole. Although an apt SEO Strategy may take months to yield positive feedback the overall results are worthwhile. Now, let’s get into knowing what the basics to developing a strong SEO are.

Test and adapt changes

The wording and layout combination that will make your website to be called as perfect will definitely want some trial and error process. But for an apt result making specific changes and testing the same is very crucial. Take each of the tiniest elements, like one at a time, test the various available variations and work on the same for higher traffic.


Quality backlinks are a major established part of SEO.  They make a huge impact on website prominent SEO ranking. The links from outside domains that point to pages in your domain are considered very essential for listing.

Keywords matter the most

It is well known and clear to all of us that keywords help us make the most. But you still have more choices to make after picking on keywords i.e. Placing keywords from where it would get the most reflection. One must make sure to include keywords on influential areas like site title, domain name, description, tagline etc.

Internal page link

Link to most important pages of your web has to be done from your home page for a better result. Also, cross linking them with each other is important

 Condensing content or pages

Deleting a page may seem to be a no big deal but have you ever known the adverse effects it has? The keywords once ranked are no more there and same is with the URL of the page. Therefore make sure to risk the loss of such established rankings and have different back-up ideas to deal with the same.

Changes are welcome but not always and too often

Remember Google always favours fresh, updated content. But, changes that are spotted too frequently do no good to you. It may likely penalize your website and SEO rankings get tougher.

Above are just a few things that you can keep in mind. There is lot more in depth essentials that would affect the SEO. SEO is crucial for any business, although it has its own risks and benefits. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to optimise your website for search engines. 

Google local pack adds sold here

local pack adds ‘sold here

Google introduced local business new feature “sold here” to gain more exposure in Google.

new label local pack results in both desktop and mobile search.

When you search for an item and Google knows the local store has that item, Google may show a label named “sold here” in the local pack’s description.

Google new search bar

Google released new search bar for the search result page.

Google rolling out and testing this new design back in August and is now rolling it out to all searchers..

New design only on desktop search results and not mobile search results.

The new Search bar you scroll down to see more search results