API v4.3 released Google My Business

The latest update for Google My Business API adds read and respond to customer

The version is numbered 4.3 and brings the addition of Q&A APIs so you can retrieve questions, post answers, and provide FAQs.

Questions and Answers:- Retrieve questions, post answers, and provide frequently asked questions on your business locations.

Bulk-Read Reviews:- Retrieve reviews for multiple locations in a single call.

Recommended Google Locations:- See unclaimed locations that Google thinks might be owned by you.

Report Google Location Issues:- Report issues with either Recommended Google Locations or Google Locations results.

Media Description:- Provide a caption when uploading new media.

The key to a perfect website

Maybe you have been spending hours and hours on the internet to set your eyes on the perfect website that could act as a sample for yours. Having a professional website is very much important to gain viewers attraction. The website design and layout speaks more about your work rather than your work as such.

Achieving website readability is technically easy if you could follow the simple steps listed below:

Understand your beginning

Not everytime everyone begins it from scratch. Understanding the current place of the system is necessary. Explore the limitless opportunities. The key to move fast and gain better recognition is to have a clear picture of the market requirements

Layout first

The most obvious of all. Like earlier stated designs speak more and definitely solve problems much faster. Make sure to pick layouts wisely and have a hierarchy of the same that matches for all your different verticals.

Also, simplified layout structure is always the best. It is easier for users to navigate and also grabs more attention when compared to a clumsy complicated one.

Typography makes a difference

Another part of your project is to discover the different typefaces. Be consistent with what you choose. Do not club too many different styles. That might not be welcoming. Pick fonts that are easy to read.

Tie up with your designer/developer

Sharing your concept and idea with the developer is the best idea. They must be aware of your exact view. This would ensure proper execution of work. Talk to them frequently and convey to them each bit in the most efficient manner. Never regret over communicating. Timely connection will help you have a proper check on the work flow as well.

Colour theme

The colours you choose for proper interface with the layout are very crucial. Doubly ensure that the colours do not interfere with the overall functionality. Follow standardize look. This is because websites must be able to create a brand recall which is easier by sticking to specific colours.

Convey your message

Content plays a major role in the website. Delivering worthy content that just not states your product and service details but also added information on why it is necessary in today’s scenario.  Be clear with your way of delivering message.

With the help of content try bringing in quick small attractions and play here and there with words that makes the viewer stop and explore more about the same.

Showing your work is the best way to attract new clients and bring attention. Therefore, make sure you do not compromise on your website needs. A stable digital presence is like a onetime investment for your company and also the most obvious base for your work.